Set of 2 Love Bird Pins

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If you love me as I love thee...The Love Birds are #3 in the bird pin series. This time, the style is tropical deco, with the curlicue as the central design element, repeated in the crest, wings and tail feathers. Note that even the curvature of the bodies, tilt of the head and beaks carry this theme. Hundreds of crystals define the colored plummage of these beautiful sculptures.  Wear the duo together on a favorite jacket or sweater. Or, let Ladybird and her Gent be this year's adornment for your jacket or coat. Topaz, hycinth and olivine crystal.


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    This Los Angeles artisan's designs range from Renaissance to Retro. Her ideas are derived from a lifelong study of antique and vintage jewelry. Every piece has a compelling story about the lives and times of the women who inspired it. Rather than offering a trendy product aimed for the moment, she strives to create articles that are worthy of cherishing as both art and heirloom. You will find that these exquisite pieces add true vintage spirit to your wardrobe.

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