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Combining a committed relationship to God, the retail management skills of seasoned professionals, and a passion for world missions, Celebrate Your Faith was born!

Our goal is simple - to connect people to God. This is accomplished by using gifts of inspiration as tools to convey His love, while helping the Christian faith community establish a strong presence in the retail marketplace.

Since 2007, the Celebrate Your Faith (CYF) national sales and marketing team has successfully infused over 50 years of Fortune 100 retail experience into the faith-based retail industry. By identifying new trends and developing new approaches and strategies for product movement, our design-minded team has creatively and consistently maximized business opportunities.

This strategy has allowed us to carefully select and represent an extraordinary collection of handcrafted artisan gifts, jewelry, Bibles and home decor from around the world. These unique collections are second to none! It is through the sharing of these beautiful symbols of faith that a two-fold blessing occurs: we not only draw others to God, but we are drawn closer to God, too.


With the constant pressures of daily life, both economic and personal, the responsibility of sharing our faith and fulfilling the Great Commission is often lost in the midst of our struggle of our busy lives. Yet, as we have dedicated our gifts, talents and abilities to serving God through CYF, we have been able to discover and offer a unique assortment of faith-based products to our clients - products that help them to stay above the circumstances, to experience peace in the midst of the storms, and to introduce them and others to the amazing love of Christ.

Partnership- Partnering with other retailers who share the same core values, including a mutual interest of sharing our faith through gift giving, allows us to accomplish more for God in an effective and efficient manner. We desire to be good stewards of our time and use this precious resource wisely. Since our mission is to spread the Gospel through gift evangelism, the sum-total of our efforts accomplishes more than any one of us could alone.

Empowering Others to Succeed- As a company, we are focused on creating trusting relationships that are based on mutual respect. Our hearts are centered on understanding the vision and goals of our partnering businesses. By offering wholesale products and product support, as well as the strength of our experience, the foundation to a long-lasting relationship is built. This is the key to unique gifts of inspiration reaching their targets.

Our customer development approach is multi-faceted and includes partnering with independent fine gift retailers, specialty boutiques, direct marketing retailers (Web and catalog), Christian bookstores, churches and hospital gift shops.

The strength of our corporate efforts is multiplied by the partnering efforts of our clients!


We are not only a product-focused company, but we are equally a service-oriented company. We honor our commitments with excellence and take a careful, strategic approach to developing our business relationships. This allows us to maintain our core focus of service, sales and profitability.

Make no mistake - although a corporation must produce a profit in order to sustain its viability and growth - personal gain and profits are not the motivation for what we do. Amidst the clutter of corporate goals and objectives, the ultimate reason for our existence remains constant - getting the message of Christ into the hearts of people all around the world.

At CYF, we are steadfastly dedicated to promoting the preaching of the Gospel through direct monetary support of missions and humanitarian efforts.


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