Prayers That Avail Much For The Nations

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  • Prayers That Avail Much For The Nations
  • Prayers That Avail Much For The Nations
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Your voice can change the world!The earth is in a state of turmoil. When all seems hopeless, the people of God have a powerful weapon: prayer. Germaine Copeland, author of the bestselling series, Prayers That Avail Much, presents an essential guidebook for everyday believers, intercessors, and prayer warriors to impact the nations with Heaven?s power. Through these prayer directives, you will learn how to partner with God for breakthrough on regional, national and global levels.Around the globe, your voice can have a resounding impact. When you align your prayers with God?s will, you become a mighty agent of change in our world!With the prayer strategies offered in this book, you will learn how to:Aim Your Intercession at the Nations: Call forth countries by name and pray God?s Kingdom plans over them.Pray Breakthrough Prayers Over Every Continent: Featuring specific prayers addressing vital needs for the unique nations and countries represented.Receive Intercessory Assignments for Unique Prayer Needs: Learn to pray in agreement with the strategies of God for different people groups.Features Prayers for over 190 Nations, including:Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, North and South Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Uganda, and more!Lift your voice to bring God?s Kingdom power to our broken world. Don?t delay!

Lift your voice to bring God's kingdom power to our broken world! In this essential guidebook for prayer warriors, Copeland challenges everyday believers to bless every nation. Learn to aim your intercessions at specific countries---from Afghanistan to Uganda; pray over every continent; further God's will for various people groups; and more.


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