Open Tear Rose Sterling Silver Memorial Tear® Pendant

Item Number: T-28

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The Memorial Tear® is about the incredible privilege of loving another person. The bond not only remains firm, but confirms the promise of our faith, our hope in the resurrection, and the joy we carry forward in the love we forever treasure.


  • Sterling Silver
  • Pendant measures 22 x 14.50 MM
  • 18" Sterling Silver chain included

    Since God is love; our ability to love is a gift, because he loved us first. We form an incredible bond between people. That beautiful bond that begins in our lives does not end at death. Since love never ends, it is the assurance of a greater mystery. When our loved ones pass from this life, they are not lost, but united with the source of love.


    Several years ago the artist went through a lengthy period of grief. One morning she sat in her studio to draw and realized she was sketching a tear drop. She drew a rose in the center as a symbol of her love, then made the design into a pendant. Over time, The Memorial Tear® has become more then a symbol of love and loss. It now reminds others of a great and consoling truth, "love never ends" (1 Corinthians 13: 8,13) In sympathy, she shares this memorial with you.





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