Have a Little Faith Cross Pendant - Silver

Item Number: HF NECK-SIL

$ 119.00

Display your faith in Christ using this rugged yet refined design depicting the Cross. The smooth finish of the cross is highlighted and off-set by the peaks and valleys of the background design. It reminds us that our lives are refined by the Cross of Christ and we are spotless in God's sight because of Jesus's sacrifice.

  • Measures 1 ⅛" x ¾"
  • Weighs 7.5 grams
  • Includes a waxed cotton cord with a double slip knot
  • Cord is fully adjustable between 14" - 25"
  • Hand-crafted in the USA
  • Gift box included

Because of the handcrafted quality of this  jewelry, each piece will show slight variations in texture and finish. 

Created by an artist with a background in Music Business, this craft of silver jewelry making started as a hobby and has become his passion. He finds a lot of inspiration for his designs in music and even just the world around him. Once a design is put on paper, the original sketch is used as a template to create a master design using a material called Precious Metal Clay (PMC). The original master is then reproduced using the traditional "lost wax" technique. Then, each piece is rough sanded to remove any bumps, bubbles and other imperfections. These pieces are then individually stamped using custom made steel stamps. After each piece is stamped, it undergoes five stages of hand polishing. Each piece is then submerged in special oxidizing chemicals to give it a unique patina. Then, it is hand-polished to remove excess oxidation from the flat surfaces of the piece. The cracks and crevices remain oxidized to create an aged, antique finish.

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