God's Girl Says Yes Devotional Book

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What God Can Do When We Follow Him

Great Things Happen When Girls Say Yes to God Every Christian parent wants their daughter to make good decisions as she grows into an adult. Wynter Pitts, a mother of four young girls, is no exception and she wants to help your tween daughter, age 8-12, make choices that honor God and protect her heart and soul. Smart choices begin with one word. Yes. When your daughter says yes to God in every area of her life, obeying Him becomes so much more than just following a dreary list of do's and don'ts. Her relationship with Christ transforms into a beautiful journey of self-discovery as He reveals things about her character and uncovers skills and talents she didn't know she had. In her signature conversational style, Wynter teaches your tween girl how God can help her make good decisions and where to find solid examples from Scripture and specifically, from the life of Jesus. When girls say yes to God, He can do amazing things in their life.

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