God, A Motorcycle, And The Open Road

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A Biker's Devotional

Riding for God''s Glory
So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. Romans 14:23If you're a biker and a Christian, have you considered that riding, can be an activity that brings glory to God, draws you closer to His creation and provides an opportunity to share your faith with fellow riders?
Motorcycle and Jesus enthusiast Tim Riter has some amazing stories and spiritual truths he's collected from riding over 200,000 miles, covering 46 states, and three countries. Discover what happens when a long-haired hippie biker strolls into a redneck bara new back tire causes a dangerous spilla chance encounter with an angry driver turns into a 20-mile chase These and other engaging devotions will show you how your faith blends into your riding and help you experience that same sense of adventure you get from motorcycling in your walk with God, or in this case, your "ride with God."

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