Enamel Pansies Necklace

Item Number: N1155-3

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This necklace features the artist's pansy sculptures with each of the flowers enameled in a different blend of subtle violets and purples. Rendered like a miniature painting, the silver background artfully illuminates the translucent colors. Slender art deco links are set with tiny clear crystal, creating a delicate sparkling chain.

Layered in .925 silver.

Length 17" plus 4" extender. 3 flowers.

Hand made. Artful and fascinating for yourself or to give to someone unforgettable.

Historical notes...The very word “pansy” is adapted from the French word ‘pensee’—to think or remember. The Victorians so loved pansies, they became the most popular flower grown from seeds. In the post-war 1940, they appeared in jewelry as feminine, romantic style took over fashion, led by Dior.

    A passion for the past has inspired this artist to bring back a part of history. Her designs and manufacturing techniques are unrivaled, blending historic themes with current fashion trends. It is a 500-year span of historical influence that is reflected in all of the designs of her jewelry. 

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