DVD-Foundations Of Freedom w/David Barton (3 Discs)

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18 episodes on 3 DVD discs - Learn how our founding fathers used the Bible as a blueprint for America's freedoms' with Historian David Barton and a star studded group of guest presenters.

If there was ever a critical time to rediscover the vision, passion, and wisdom of those who laid the foundation of our nation, it's now! Join historian David Barton with special guests including Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann as they explore America's law and judicial system; biblically based economics; government; freedoms; and more. Dove faith-friendly. Closed-captioned. Eighteen sessions (approx. 26 min each in length) on three slipcased DVDs.


  • Episode 1: The Founders' Bible


  • Episode 2: The Foundations of Law - Part 1
  • Episode 3: The Foundations of Law - Part 2
  • Episode 4: What Makes America Different?
  • Episode 5: The Bible and Civil Justice
  • Episode 6: The Bible and Economics
  • Episode 7: The Bible and Science
  • Episode 8: The Bible, Competition, and Choice
  • Episode 9: The Bible and the Judiciary
  • Episode 11: A Courageous Church
  • Episode 12: Real Religion
  • Episode 10: God and Government
  • Episode 13: Manners and Civility
  • Episode 14: Political Integrity
  • Episode 15: Raising Expectations
  • Episode 16: One Nation Under God|
  • Episode 17: Great American Myths
  • Episode 18: A Republic that Stands

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