Camellia Enamel Cuff Bracelet-Plum

Item Number: SR-OL-BR819-PL

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  • Multi-petal flowers are enameled in flamboyant colored enamels to create a veritable wrist corsage.
    An oval repousee on the cuff and pearls in the flowers temper the colors and convey femininity.
    Each is constructed petal by petal, flourishes and settings, one at a time, by hand.The flowers in this collection spring from the exuberance of bright crepe paper flowers and embroidery that linger in our memories from a visit to Mexico in the 1960s.
    Adjustable cuff fits wrists 6" - 8".
    Burnished bronze metal finish.

    Background Story: Exuberant enamel blossoms, glazed terra cotta and forged filigrees awaken memories of romantic mid-century Mexico. Feel the passion, the rapturous color and joy in jewelry pieces that let your spirit return to that life.

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