Set of 3 Miniature Picture Photo Frames

Item Number: F718-19-20-SIL

$ 89.00
  • You get 3 frames in this SET!A world of love and sentiment can be communicated in this exquisite
    little object. Any photo image you place inside becomes a treasure--for
    yourself or to gift. Within the border of flowers, there will be
    that one special person.. the new baby...a wedding memento...

    At just about 2-1/2" tall, these miniature frames have all the
    sculptural detail and hand fabrication of Sweet Romance jewelry. They are
    offered in your choice of silver or bronze. A whisper of translucent
    color faintly tints the flowers while crystal accents the border design.
    Made in our Los Angeles studio.

    Fuchsia...This flower conveys the message of friendship. Hearty and
    perennial, a true friend is a confidant, a person to whom to you can
    open your heart. Fuchsias represent the endurance, emotional healing and
    selfless affection that true friends provide for one another.Lily of the Valley... This flower signifies the return of happiness
    and new beginnings. It's fragile bloom Preferred for the simplest of
    wedding bouquets, it is also legendary for appearing in grand royal

    Morning Glory... This flower is a symbol for the fleeting of time
    and making memories that become as flowers along the vine of our lives.
    It is the flower that represents new beginnings and second chances
    because it blooms anew every morning.

  • This Los Angeles artisan's designs range from Renaissance to Retro. Her ideas are derived from a lifelong study of antique and vintage jewelry. Every piece has a compelling story about the lives and times of the women who inspired it. Rather than offering a trendy product aimed for the moment, she strives to create articles that are worthy of cherishing as both art and heirloom. You will find that these exquisite pieces add true vintage spirit to your wardrobe.

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