An Illustrated Guide To The Apostle Paul His Life, Ministry, And Missionary Journeys

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This fascinating, full-color visual guide to the life of Paul explores the social, cultural, political, religious, and historical background of the world in which he lived and ministered, offering modern readers an engaging narrative of the man who laid the foundations of the first-century church.

The life and ministry of the apostle Paul was a sprawling adventure covering thousands of miles on Roman roads and treacherous seas as he boldly proclaimed the gospel of Jesus to anyone who would listen, be they commoners or kings. His impact on the church and indeed on Western civilization is immeasurable.

From his birth in Tarsus to his rabbinic training in Jerusalem to his final imprisonment in Rome, An Illustrated Guide to the Apostle Paul brings his remarkable story to life. Drawing from the book of Acts, Paul's many letters, and historical and archaeological sources, this fully illustrated resource explores the social, cultural, political, and religious background of the first-century Roman world in which Paul lived and ministered. It sheds light on the places he visited and the people he met along the way. Most importantly, it helps us understand how and why Paul was used by God in such extraordinary ways.

Pastors, students, and anyone engaged in Bible study will find this an indispensable and inspiring resource.


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