ON SALE 1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollar Ring Size 9½

Item Number: KENNEDY

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Own a piece of our nation's heritage that you can wear proudly! Each coin ring is carefully formed with polished hand tooling that is designed to preserve as much of the mint's original artwork as possible.

  • Made of Half Dollar Coin (90% Silver and 10% Copper)
  • Year minted: 1964
  • Coins used are in AU (almost uncirculated) to BU (brilliant uncirculated) condition
  • Made in the USA
  • ½ sizes are available by special order, please contact customer care at 1.888.977.4141 for assistance

    This family-run business fabricates truly unique handcrafted jewelry that is designed to last a lifetime. Their jewelry has roots dating back to 1945, when the owner's dad handcrafted hundreds of stunning coin rings and other unique things to help him survive as a prisoner of war during World War II. They continue to pass along our nation's heritage through jewelry - a heritage where our founding fathers, leaders and individuals desired to put their trust in God as is evident by the words "In God We Trust" minted onto our silver coins.

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