Petra Wall Cross 36"

Item Number: CBC926

$ 325.00

A mixture of a sculpture and painting, this creative process produces a unique work of art for this series of crosses.
Named after those who walked 2000 years ago with our Lord, each piece express uniqueness of the gifts that are given each one of us.

Crosses are made to order. Please allow 6-8 weeks 
36" x 19" w x 3" deep
Cross shown represents coloration
Designer resin brings it to life on your wall.

Each cross is made one at a time, variances in texture and color are not imperfections, rather a sign of true handcrafted nature of the item

Drawing from all facets of his diverse artistic experience, an Arizona artist creates masterpieces sketches. The design starts as a sketch, takes life in clay, which is then cast. The best way to describe the bringing to life of these pieces it is a modern type of relief sculpture. The result is pieces that upon final completion demand inspection. The uniqueness draws one into the incredible intricacy of color and texture.

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