Tang Gemstone Butterfly Cuff Bracelet

Item Number: SR-OL-BR261-SIL

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  • Inspiration for this statement cuff comes from Tang dynasty jewelry, from approx 600 to 900 CE. Techniques such as granulation combined with semiprecious gemstones and colored glass stones were used to interpret themes with birds, flowers and particularly butterflies. This beautiful stylism was revived in 20th century fashion jewelry during the craze for anything "oriental" which came to be termed "Chinoiserie."
    On this hammered cuff, our sculptured butterflies frame a large vintage oval turquoise glass stone. Exquisitely fabricated, the butterflies are set with vintage glass stones including mottled turquoise, blue and rose star glass, white seed pearls and a luminous glass leaves. Finished in burnished silver, the cuff is a strong statement piece.

    Fits wrists 6" to 7-1/2" As for style, pair it with a simple black outfit, denim or blend it with a southwest look.

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