KJV Sword Study Bible/Giant Print-Black/Grey Ultrasoft Indexed

Item Number: 9781629115207

  • KJV Sword Study Bible/Giant Print-Black/Grey Ultrasoft Indexed
  • KJV Sword Study Bible/Giant Print-Black/Grey Ultrasoft Indexed

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The KJVER® (King James Easy Read) is "The Trusted King James in an Easy Read Format." For over four centuries, the Word of God was defined as the King James Version of the Bible. No other version has ever matched the beauty of its writing or the depth of its meaning. It is the most published and printed version of the Bible to this day. The King James Version contains the phrases and words that you grew up with and perhaps even memorized.

The KJVER® Bible uses the original 1611 King James Version text (based on the Textus Receptus—Received Text—rather than the revised 1881 Greek and Hebrew text), but it updates the language for the modern reader.

Resources to enhance your biblical study are included, such as articles on the names and attributes of God, biblical terms and definitions, historical outlines, an extensive concordance, and detailed maps. Also the special Topical Concordance of Biblical Words, found at the end of this Bible, will provide countless aids for locating desired subjects and verses. The KJVER® Bible brings to life the King James Version, making it easier to use and understand.

A key feature of the KJVER® Bible is the text style. Known as the King James Version Easy Read, it does not change the Word of God but helps explain difficult words and replaces clearly archaic or obsolete words. Not one word of doctrine has been changed.

There are many other distinctive features of the KJVER® Bible:

Words of God highlighted in red in the Old Testament
Words of Jesus highlighted in red in the New Testament
Difficult terms underlined and explained at the end of the verse
Archaic or obsolete words replaced with their modern equivalent
Classic Doctrine unchanged
Thematic study guide with over three thousand margin notes covering more than ninety topics providing a years' worth of study that takes the reader from cover to cover of the Bible
Outlines and summaries at the beginning of each book
Extensive treasury of Biblical information on history, science, prophecy, and more
Dictionary, concordance and maps
Fifteen point giant print type size


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