Lion of Judah Pewter Shield

Item Number: SRLI_D

$ 45.00

A fabulous gift of art, this pewter shield is a unique reminder of the strength of our Lord Jesus Christ as seen in a type and shadow through the story of Jacob's son Judah.

Who was the first Lion of Judah? Genesis 42-49 tells the story of a starving family. Jacob's sons plan to go to Egypt to buy food, but because Jacob has already lost his son Joseph, he is unwilling to let his youngest son Benjamin go. Despite his Father's fear of losing Benjamin, Judah understands that the only way to keep the family from starving is to take Benjamin to Egypt. He convinces his father that Benjamin has to join the brothers. Judah went so far as to personally guarantee his safety. What courage and strength of character he must have had to take this stand! When the brothers arrive in Egypt, they go the governor of the land to buy food. They do not know that the governor is actually their lost brother Joseph whom they long ago sold into slavery. Joseph recognizes his brothers and lays a trap to test them. The story does not say what the other brothers aid or did, but when Benjamin falls into the trap, Judah offers his life in exchange for Benjamin's. Judah had come a long way from selling a brother into slavery to offering to lay down his life for a brother. Due to Judah's actions, the brothers pass the test and Joseph reveals himself as their lost brother; their entire family is once again reunited. As Jacob was dying, he blessed his sons. He saw strength and courage in his son Judah and blesses him as a young lion - the Lion of Judah full of strength and courage. Read the whole story in Genesis 42-49.

  • Measures 3" x 1.75"
  • Made of Pewter
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Gift Boxed, including card with message
  • This Minnesota artisan designs jewelry and unique gifts in her sunny Minneapolis studio. God is her President and her family and friends are her co-workers. Her designs are reflective of her personal life experiences and treasured moments - and always inspired by her passion to celebrate the exceptional world around her. She hopes her designs touch your life and give you a little something for a special occasion, or a chance to remember that each day is a gift worth celebrating.

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