Kinrossie Cross - Tayside, Scotland

Item Number: MH147

$ 40.00

This cross is a replica from Tayside, Scotland. The center circle or boss has a variation of the spiral, which represents God with all things revolving around him. The knotwork covering the rest of the cross is unending and thus cannot be untied. This symbolizes the knots, which bind the soul to the earth. These knots must be cut and broken for the soul to become free to begin the spiritual journey to heaven. The knotwork is also said to represent everlasting life.

This Cross requires a 2 Week Lead time

  • Cross Measures 7½" x 4"
  • Handcrafted replica of artifact from Scotland
  • Wire hanger attached for easy hanging
This mother daughter artist team own and run this family business. Both of them are gifted in carving and design. Each object they handcraft is inspired by an actual carved stone monument and has a reference to the time period and culture it was taken from. Once a monument is selected, the piece is hand carved by the artists and a mold is made. Each of the molds are cast with a sturdy cast stone material and goes through several steps to make it look as close to the ancient stone carvings as possible. These pieces are a wonderful architectural adornment in the home as well as in the garden. They represent a tie to our rich past and can be enjoyed for years to come.

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