The Lines Crucifix or "Croix Liens" in Sterling silver

Item Number: 09M5636A15-1830-G0281

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Named The Lines Crss or in French "Croix Liens", exclusively ours, imported from France, our French Jewelers use their unique designs express all the finesse, precision and sensitivity of the art in the French style. Each piece is carefully crafted using all the facets of French know-how and is evident as expressed through each one.

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    • Rhodium plated, sterling silver cross
    • Measures 16mm h x 13mm w
    • Pendant only
    • Made in France

Three generations have succeeded one another at the head of this French company. One after the other they have been jewellers, sculptors, engravers and polishers, these professionals have passed on the skills and the rules of the art that still live on today.

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