Bronze Vita Christi Wall Cross

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Our Vita Christi Wall Cross is the perfect Christian gift for institutions we hold dear: chapels, schools, universities, hospitals, hospices and retreat houses. Made of solid bronze, and measuring about 4.1 x 2.6 inches, this Vita Christi cross is ideal for smaller spaces and can be easily hung on any wall; it is especially suited for that special place of honor in the home, office or among a wall cross collection. If you are looking for a truly unique gift that expresses the Christian faith with compelling beauty, artistic excellence and Old World workmanship, you need look no further. 

    This marvelous depiction of the Vita Christi (Latin for “the life of Christ”) depicts six scenes from the life of Christ: The Annunciation (Luke 1:26-44), the Epiphany (Matthew 2:1-12), the Raising of Lazarus from the dead (John 11:1-45), the Washing of the feet (John 13:1-17), the Crucifixion of Christ (John 19:1-42, and Pentecost (Acts 2:1-47). 

    This solid bronze crucifix, conceived and fashioned by the hands of a master goldsmith in Germany, is a faithful and faith-filled summation of these six scenes in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. For half a century these solid bronze plaques have been crafted by artists ranging from sculptors to blacksmiths. Each piece is not mass produced but rather carefully crafted in several different studios in Germany. The sacred symbols of faith that they produce are biblically-based and offer the finest in artistic quality.

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