Davidic Code Wall Cross

Item Number: DVD-CONT

$ 600.00

The hand writing on this cross tells the complete salvation story from the fall of man, the giving of the Law, the life, death & resurrection of Christ and the new life we have in Him.

  • Each handcrafted cross is one-of-a-kind May take 6 weeks lead time.
  • Satin smooth finish
  • Steel hanger attached for easy hanging

    This Texan artisan relates his work to a jeweler's artistic craftsmanship. What he does with steel is what a jeweler does with stones. The metal is polished and textured for a unique design. The beautiful colors are achieved using only the heat from a blow torch, a process that the artist calls flame-painting. When the right amount of pressure and heat are applied the beauty in the metal is revealed. When displayed, with the proper lighting, these crosses can be enjoyed for years to come.

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