Noah's Ark Cross

Item Number: gw40

$ 49.00

The Ark of Noah Cross is the perfect gift for every child who now knows the story of Noah and the Flood (Genesis 6 to 9:17).  At 3.2 inches high and 3.2 inches wide, this solid bronze cross – made in Germany by a master bronzesmith – is designed to hang easily on the bedroom wall next to a child’s bed or above a child’s desk.  This Ark of Noah Cross is the perfect gift for every child eager and ready to understand that the story of Noah’s Ark and the Flood prepares us for the story of Jesus and his Body, the Church.

  • Solid Bronze Cross
  • 3.2 x 3.2 inches
  • Made in Germany
  • Gift Box Included

For half a century these solid bronze crosses have been crafted by artists ranging from sculptors to blacksmiths. Each piece is not mass produced but rather carefully crafted in several different studios in Germany. The sacred symbols of faith that they produce are biblically-based and offer the finest in artistic quality.

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